Moshe Zadka (moshez) wrote,
Moshe Zadka

NaNoWriMo novel 3: Home Guard

You know the deal. Spoilers within.

Home Guard

Tagline: When a house-sitter finds he became the gatekeeper between our
world and others, a mistake causes him to need to search for a lost hero
-- in all the wrong places.

In another universe, far far away

Chapter 1:
Coming to house sit. First thing smells fishy.

Chapter 2:
First people pass: first man asks to "use his bathroom". He allows him.
Then he finds the bathroom is empty. Then people arrive from the bathroom,
but cannot leave until he grants permission. Leaves message.

Chapter 3:
More people enter. He stops caring, gives permission left and right

Chapter 4:
Rules are there. Finds out about his mistake
Chapter 5:
Despondent, searches everywhere with no help

Chapter 6:
Asks his friends for help. They do research

Chapter 7:
Romp through plane #1

Chapter 8:
Romp through plane #2, seeing clue

Chapter 9:
Romp through plane #3, finding hero

Chapter 10:
Returning with hero

Chapter 11:
Vanquishing the villain

Chapter 12:
Convincing the hero to return home

In a land far away, the hero chases the villain

 1 Another universe -- scenery
 2 Chase (+ hunter/hunted)
 3 A room in the middle of it
 4 Chase ends, the room stops one but not the other
Chapter 1
 1 Meet Mike who lives with parents
 2 Meet Jennifer and Paul, who are going to europe
 3 Jennifer and Paul offer Mike the house
 4 Mike is hesitant, never lived out of the house
 5 Mike's mother practically drives him away
 6 Jennifer and Paul show Mike around the house, assuage his fears
 7 Mike moves in, learns to live on his own
 8 Mike buys groceries for first time
 9 Mike invites friends for a house warming party
10 Someone whom he is not sure arrives, comes in anyway 
11 Later, he cannot recall the man ever coming out
Chapter 2
 1 Morning after the party, cleaning up
 2 First person comes, asks to use the bathroom. Mike realises he used the
   wrong one.
 3 Mike realises he hasn't come out. Searches the house
 4 Searches the bathroom carefully -- it is empty
 5 As he leaves, he notices someone arriving
 6 Description of the someone -- otherworldly.
 7 The someone asks permission, explains about the gate
 8 Mikes leaves a frantic message
 9 More people enter, ask to use the bathroom. Mike agrees
Chapter 3:
 1 People arrive at all hours
 2 Mike puts up "only open between" signs
 3 Mike leaves another frantic message
 4 Mike is too tired to care. He just gives everyone permission
 5 Descriptions of people who enter
 6 Descriptions of people who leave
 7 Meet Sue and Mike. He does not tell her.
 8 John arrives to pick up Sue
Chapter 4:
 1 Another man comes in, Mike lets him
 2 News the next day about someone similar suspected of homicide
 3 Mike feels guilty
 4 Mike calls up Sue, asks a hypothetical question
 5 Another man comes in, explains he is chasing the man suspected of homicide.
 6 Mike learns of the rules
 7 Another man comes in, tells Mike he has let in a danger
 8 Mike leaves another frantic message on machine
Chapter 5:
 1 Mike feels he cannot talk to anyone
 2 Mike shows up at his parents' but they are no help
 3 Mike stops allowing people to pass
 4 Mike learns that he is responsible for a death
 5 Mike decides to question people
 6 Mike learns what the danger is
 7 Mike gets a book explaining how to stop the danger
 8 Mike fails on his own
Chapter 6:
 1 Mike calls Sue. She does not believe him
 2 Mike convinces Sue
 3 Sue convinces John
 4 Sue and John convince Lane
 5 Lane and Mike talk
 6 Mike crushes on Lane
 7 Together they research
 8 They devise a strategy
Chapter 7:
 1 Passing through the gate
 2 Asking for permission
 3 Undergoing trial #1
 4 Undergoing trial #2
 5 Undergoing trial #3
 6 Finding out they bet wrong
 7 Going back
 8 Devising another strategy
Chapter 8:
 1 Passing through the gate
 2 Asking for permission
 3 Making sacrifice
 4 Figuring their way around
 5 Finding clue
 6 Overcoming danger
 7 Going back
 8 Figuring out clue
Chapter 9:
 1 Passing throuhg the gate
 2 Asking for permission
 3 Denied permission!
 4 Passing through the gate
 5 Asking for permission
 6 Asked a riddle
 7 The right answer is "this is too cliche"
 8 Starting to look for hero
Chapter 10
 1 Finding way to hero
 2 Finding hero
 3 Convincing hero they are worthwhile
 4 On way back, hero and Mike fight
 5 Overcoming danger
 6 Coming back
 7 Figuring out how to disguise hero
 8 Perparing for tommorow
Chapter 11
 1 Preparing to go out
 2 Mike comes on to Lane, she weasels out
 3 Going out
 4 Mike comes on to Lane, she tells him she is in a commited relationship
 5 Mike pressures Lane, she explains about bi-sexuality
 6 Mike doesn't believe, asks Sue
 7 Mike walks away in anger, betrayed
 8 Hero asks what happened?
Chapter 12:
 1 Following danger
 2 Getting close, realising it is hard
 3 Mike returns with a creature -- cavalry!
 4 Chasing the danger
 5 Danger is looming close!!
 6 Big fight -- the beginning
 7 Big fight -- almost lose
 8 Big fight -- the heroics and the win
 1 Another universe
 2 Hero chases villain
 3 Mike, what are you doing in the other universe?
 4 Last message Mike left

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