Moshe Zadka (moshez) wrote,
Moshe Zadka

NaNoWriMo experiences: an interim summary

I have finished my 3rd and "officially last" NaNo novel today. I am starting to work on a novel called Space Debris which is pseudo-NaNovel: I am going to include it in my word count (via the old familiar trick of "then he read a novel which went like this") and I'm going to attempt 2K a day but I mostly started it in November so I won't stop be a part of the experience, even if I now have to take it much less seriously.

Amazing. If nothing else, even if my novels are not worth crap after all the editing in the world, it doesn't matter. I now know that I *can* design a plot to fit 50K (or probably more), that I *can* force myself to write when I want to, that I *can* write through any writer block by just accepting that it will be a little crappy and fixed later. I found that when I want to go as fast as I can, I can whip out 1K words in 15 minutes (later needing cleanup, perhaps, but nonetheless...). I found that I can solve plot holes and plot problems for others -- and that I can ask for help with mine. I found that I can work from an outline, and go off of it when I feel like it. It was a pretty amazing experience, and I am much the richer for that.

Where does it leave me?
* I am working on Space Debris. I am experimenting with a new technique explained by Lizette Gifford in her book "NaNo for the New and the Insane": really detailed outline. I did a chapter level outline. Then I did scene-level outline. Now I am doing a "sub-scene" level outline, detailing each 100 words. I am half-way through doing it after two straight hours of working on it.
* I will edit my Novels come December
* I found I am interested in writing enough to take this further.
* Next year, my NaNo goal will be one novel of 150K words. I knew I can do the words -- can I do a 150K novel? I plan to outline it to 100-word level before November [as explicitly allowed in the rules] then just write through it.
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