Moshe Zadka (moshez) wrote,
Moshe Zadka

Novel ideas

They say that novel ideas are a dime a dozen. They are completely right. There are a gazillion. Through writing, I've thought of several -- Night of the Loving Dead (necrophiliac and zombie save the world from an evil necromancer), National Crime Writing Month (a NaNoveller is using the forums for ideas to commit unsolvable crimes) and It Takes Character (a teenager immersed in virtual worlds finds that his character has become real -- or has it?) This is after through the month I had ideas for three novels because I finished the previous one (Best Left Evil, Home Guard and Space Debris). I am not sure. Perhaps writing good novels is hard -- I still have to see if I can get mine to be good. But writing novels? It is easy. You get idea (of which there are zillions), you sit down for a month, spending just an hour each day to write 2K words, at the end -- voila -- 60K words of draft. This is assuming you have a full time job, and can only devote one hour to writing per day...You know, if people told me it was this easy, I might have tried it sooner.

What is the deal, people? Why are you not all writing novels? Next year, I am getting as many people as I can to NaNoWriMo with me...
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