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Running by the woods in the cold evening

The art is lovely, harsh and deep
But I have obstacles to leap
And rails to jump to go before I sleep,
And rails to jump to go before I sleep,

(with apologies to Robert Frost)

Do you know what Parkour is? Go read the wikipedia entry on Parkour. I'll wait, take your time. I did not know either, until today. Well, some comment thrown a while ago by adrianna_r that led to some googling and youtubing on someone else's computer while I watched over his shoulder. Nothing serious. Then today, as I was wondering what I could find if I just let myself wonder around YouTube aimlessly looking for "cool stuff", I found it again. It was nice. This time, it was my own computer so I could google and wikipedia. It sounded awesome. I wondered "how hard is it really," which led to looking at some how-to pages. Suddenly, I realized I was reading this as if I was going to do this -- actually do it. Of course, people being what they are, herenot tried to discourage me. Hah!

I put on my running shoes, and decided to start with something easy -- just run, if I see an easy obstacle -- I'll clear it, and see how it goes. OK, so you know how I'm out of shape? Like, for serious. I am *out of shape*. After five minutes of running, I was breathing hard. Clearing obstacles -- not my main problem. OK, so I need to get in shape. I tried walk/run for a while, seeing how hard that is, trying to get in shape. That, I could do, at least get the blood pumping and the heart used to pumping it through my body. After another ten minutes of this, I was too tired -- but I saw grass. The perfect place to try some Parkour rolls. So I did. They hurt, of course, because my technique -- kinda crappy. But I managed to do like seven of those before giving up, and walking home, still trying to pump it up. That was fun. I think I am going to get in shape by trying to go for a run when I go home, then try some Parkour rolls, see how it goes. Eventually I'll start practicing my landings, which will look silly, and rolls on concret, which will be painful.

I have started on a strange and atypical, for me, journey. Wish me luck -- and rest assured, I will try and update it.

And yes, I am happy to try to learn to play the harmonica, write songs, write and edit novels and do Parkour in addition to my job. A life unfilled with way too much awesome stuff is, I am quite certain, a life not worth living.
Tags: exercise, parkour, running
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