Moshe Zadka (moshez) wrote,
Moshe Zadka

Filking Strong

I usually don't post here much, as I've mentioned, but I just want to publicise some of my newest filk songs.

All the songs mentioned can be found at my filk blog.

"Filker in the Con" is a parody of "Creature in the Wood", written after I realized that the line "my song can drive a man insane" needs a new song written around it. "Patience of a Programmer", TTTO of "Temper of Revenge", was written after in my haste to quickly check-in a trivial bug fix, away from my desk, I went "just give me a prompt" to the world. "Eaten by Zombies is good" was written when I wanted to make a mashup of Zombie and Pirate songs. "Dragons" was written because I knew "Tribbles" has to have a parody inside it looking to get out. "Operation:Bug storm" is an idea I had like a year ago to emphasise how software engineers are the biggest victims of Murphy. "Never Set Tom Cruise on Fire" was written in honor of the int'l day of protesting against scientology, since I was NOT going to drive into the parts of Tel-Aviv I never set foot in just to protest. "If I Had a Brother" -- just a random wish to "write a story from the PoV of the villain" together with how much it "If I had a boat" stuck in my head. "Graveling" was born when I decided I need a Heather Alexander parody, I realized I love "Samhain" and I suddenly spotted the DLM DVDs on my TV stand. "A vorpal sword" was written because I wanted to do a beatles parody, "Norwegian Wood" came to me and the rest just followed logically. "We're Fighting Men" was written after Chen commented that she hoped for a Starship Troopers song, I wanted to do a Hair parody, and the whole '60s "Vietnam vs. Hippies" theme was just irresistable.

"Hacker" came because I was all down with musicals, I love "Little Shop of Horrors" and I thought it would turn out cute. "Cow's Song"...what can I say about it? I was "while :;do fortune;read;clear;done"ing and saw the purple cow and the "Ah yes, I wrote the purple cow" reprise, and that day Eli Goldberg posted a link to another performance of "Mal's Song" the part where I remembered the scene with the cow fetus/alien, I knew I had no choice. Supersmurfette came out of a silly discussion on filkhaven regarding smurfs and my RHPS fandom. "People Don't Do These Things" came from having the original stuck in hand after Dana gave a good performance at the filksing. "Sorceress Maid" -- I started singing "Oh, I am a programmer, code flows from my fingers," and then started to write "Programmer Lass", but in the middle of it, I ended up hating it, and then realizing that I hated it because it didn't need programmers. "To Space" was just an exercise in editing -- the basic parody was done a while ago, but the song is kinda repetitive, and it had to wait until I drunkenly pulled out the laptop at the BART station waiting for the Millbrae train to finish it.
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