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100 songs — and a booklet?

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I am happy to announce I wrote my 100th song today. Now I have to keep a promise I made to myself, and to many friends. I am planning to take 20 of my songs, and put them in a booklet. It is partially for me, because I am sick of having to worry about electricity being available when I sing. It is partially for others who want to sing my songs. And it is partially just because I thought it would be cute.

The hidden agenda here is that the booklet, being a less malleable form than posts on a web page, needs the songs in a "finished form". I've been lazy, so far, with cleaning up scansion, rhyming and word choice. This will give me an incentive to clean up at least some of my songs, to make them each as good as they can be. What seems to be the problem then?

I need to choose the songs. I find it hard to do it on my own, so I invite my friends to help me. How can you help? Tell me which songs you like. Tell me which songs you hate. Tell me which songs you'd like if only I'd fix them so the 3rd line didn't suck so badly. Tell me which kinds of songs of mine you like. Etc.

This is a poll, not a vote -- I want to know what people think, not to count votes.

How can you contact me?

1. Mail --
2. Comments on this post

So let me know what you think.

All of my songs are published on
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